Electronics, Non Electronics and Goods Sold Warranties

  • All items sold by Poole Audio Video or by its associated employees comes with a manufacturer' warranty.
  • Each manufacturer carries distinctly different warranties based on time, service, and parts. Please check your manufacturer's warranty for details.
  • Poole Audio Video does not perform warranty repair or replacement services.
  • Poole Audio Video is not responsible for the outcome of repairs made to products by warranty repair shops.
  • Poole Audio Video suggests you contact the manufacturer for an authorized repair location.

    Custom Installation & Wiring Warranty

  • Poole Audio Video will warrant for a period of 1 year the installation of non-electrical wiring performed by Poole Audio Video.
  • This warranty includes ONLY the following wire applications performed by Poole Audio Video:RG Quad 6 Coaxial, CAT 5E, Liberty 4 conductor speaker, Liberty 2 conductor speaker, Liberty Component Video, Liberty Digital Coaxial, Liberty Optical, Liberty Stereo, Liberty Subwoofer and Pro Connect Direct Burial wires installed.
  • Poole Audio Video will NOT be responsible for any type of costs for work performed on equipment and custom installations after the completion of work by Poole Audio Video.
  • All equipment and wire installations that have been tampered with, worked on by another company or adjusted by customers without the written consent of Poole Audio Video will VOID all warranties provided by Poole Audio Video.
  • Poole Audio Video will NOT be responsible for any type of fire, flood, natural disaster, act(s) of God, war, sabotage or terrorist acts that occur on or from installations performed by Poole Audio Video. Customers accept this policy by signing their receipt, accepting the final walk through or not showing a proposed problem within 1 week of installation of equipment, wires or custom woodwork.
  • If a customer, friend of customer, relative of customer, associate of customer or hired company of a customer performs changes to an installation, custom installation or equipment set up or provided by Poole Audio Video and calls Poole Audio Video for assistance shall know that a $95 per hour fee will apply from the time any Poole Audio Video employee, subcontractor, contractor or the owner himself walks in the door or receives the phone call.
  • Any outstanding balance on work VOIDS ALL WARRANTIES until full balance is paid to Poole Audio Video. No exceptions.

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